01563: What Holiday?

Today is a holiday here in the Philippines - not that really matters in my line of work. Along with the bulk of the BPO industry here, every day is a work day. At the very least it's good that the agents get extra compensation for their work today. I get, well, less traffic on the road to deal with as I head to the office tonight. Not that there's much traffic at all when you travel around midnight.

I've been working the night shift for nearly ten years now - I'm well past complaining about the challenges of the job. Work is work after all and the perks of the job far outweigh the inconvenience of shifting holidays around. Besides, the Philippines has way to many holidays compared to most other countries after all. And I have far too much going on at work at the moment for me to even consider having a day off.

And it's not exactly easy for Tobie either. While he does have a local job that has taken advantage of today's holiday (to some extent), that's just one of his jobs. His other job, the family business, still follows the BPO schedule as well and so he's pretty busy today as well. But these are the things that we do to not just pay the bills but support our geeky interests and of course pave the way for greater things in our shared future.

Plus caring for Yoshi is a rather expensive task, hehe. Not one that we regret, just one that inevitably comes with costs.