01571: So Little Time...

Well, it's another work week. Zoom zoom zoom!

I still have some major deadlines to deal with. I'm still busy with trying to hire additional staff for the department. And I have all the other stuff that I'm usually supposed to be doing that still need to get done.

I haven't finished working on the 2800+ photos that I took while at O Bar last Sunday. And I know I'll end up throwing away more than half of them in order to select the best ones worth sharing and publishing.

I haven't found time to take advantage of the shelves that Tobie has cleared up for my Transformers, although I do have some ideas of how I want to organize things. And there are the new Kreons to consider as well in terms of final placement and such.

I seem to be making little progress with the books that I'm currently reading. And I haven't found time to go back and cover the rest of them in plastic, as has been one of my goals since we moved here.

So little time, so much to do...