01574: Payday Greenhills Trip

So Tobie had convinced me to head over to GreatToysOnline in Greenhills to place a deposit on a figure that I had been contemplating getting. Given today was my payday, I really didn't mind making the trip. Plus I wanted an excuse to get out of the house without him if only to scout out additional gift options. I had already given him some PS3 games as an early birthday gift some time back, but there's always room for more geeky gifts in our lives.

So after I settled up with GTO, I made my way to V-Mall (I'll never get used to calling it that) to do a quick run-through of the stores there. I didn't want to risk going to Shoppesville since I tend to go a little crazy there over some of the vintage stuff that they have on display. And besides, the stores at V-Mall were sufficient for my purposes.

My first goal was to find as many of the latest wave of blind bag Kreons as possible. The shops in Cubao were a little thin on Kreons when Tobie and I went around so I needed to venture further. The Toy Kingdom branch at Shoppesville actually had 10 of the 12 figures (the girl falsely claimed that they were a complete set) so I just had two more to go to complete my set. Then I made the rounds of the shops there and found Universe Smokescreen above. He was rather pricey, but he's also of the Prowl-clones out there that I wanted to have just to complete my collection. I'm a nerd that way.

But the bigger prize was looking for something for Tobie, and I already had a decent idea of what I wanted to get him. Thankfully Stronghold still had both the original set and the expansion for Last Night on Earth, a zombie survival game. The owner claimed that they had just restocked yesterday (at least for the main set) - which seemed like a quaint selling point, although I really can't remember a time in the past 45 days when the game hadn't been there. Regardless, I got greedy and picked up both games as a kickass gift for Tobie.

So I eventually made my way home to catch Tobie after his last-minute driver's license renewal at LTO with my gear in two. I first proudly showed him some Quickly drinks that I had purchased. Then I had him go through our family's routine of needing to close one's eyes in preparation for a surprise and then placed the games on the table in front of him. Needless to say, he was one happy gamer doggie.

Although I suspect he enjoyed the Quickly a wee bit more, at least for now, hehehe