01564: One Heck of a Hump

Blast, it's hot today. And the weather bureau has indicated that this isn't even part of some larger heat wave. This is just the regular progress towards the peak summer period ahead.

In other words, it's going to get even hotter.

And yet I hold to our standing principle of not having an air conditioner here at the Sietch. Both Tobie and I aren't exactly fond of the cold (Tobie more so) and the related expense in terms of electricity - not to mention the effect on the environment - will always give me pause. And thus we make do with what we have, which mainly involves various electric fans around the apartment. Well that and a lot of water, whether to drink or as used in our frequent showers. It's more fun in the Philippines, right?

Work is rather busy, so taking some time off is not exactly in the cards for me just. I have two major deadlines, the still vacant position in our team to fill and a longer-term project of overhauling our database with updated material. That last item is somewhat long overdue and of course it's the one that will take the most time and effort. Well, I say that from a position of not having enough time to dedicate to focusing on it just yet - things always seem harder before you begin.

It's going to be a long week ahead.