01572: The Storm Before The Calm

Work was freakishly crazy today.

This week I've been juggling three major proposals, a last-minute one that managed to sneak in, the preparations for a surprise visit, and the on-going recruitment efforts, which involves tons of resumes to review, phone interviews, and of course some in-person interviews. For as long as I'm short-handed, I know that I'm going to be juggling a lot of different tasks and will essentially wearing too many hats. Oh life.

And things felt especially stressful since I know that I'm scheduled to be on leave tonight - my attempts at helping make Tobie's birthday this year a bit more special. I think I drove myself nearly mad trying to make sure that I got everything done before the end of the day. But one thing led to another and yes, I still managed to get things squared away. So yay.

We watched Iron Man 3 earlier - one of the rare times that we've ever caught a movie on opening day. At this point, I have to admit that the movie was much better than I had expected. More than that, it was a pretty darn good movie that was at least better than the second movie. I'll have a formal review out on the Geeky Guide by Monday.

As for tonight, we greet Tobie's birthday properly at midnight!