01573: A Weekday Birthday for Tobie

So we kicked off Tobie's birthday at O Bar Ortigas last night with the few friends who could make it. Tobie knew he was up against tough odds by scheduling a birthday celebration in the middle of the week, but it seemed fitting enough. Any other week day would have been too busy for both of us and the weekends at O Bar are just way too crazy to have any significant number of guests along.

Still, the night was fun enough on its own despite the limited company. Major, major thanks have to go out to Kyle who brought some of his friends to celebrate with us along with a wonderful chocolate cake that he had baked himself! And yes, we enjoyed the cake right there at the bar and made sure to share with the folks at the table and some of the staff as well.

What certainly helped balance things was the fact that there were some great Oh Divas performing for the night. Normally one expects only 3-4 Divas to perform given there are just a lot less people on Wednesday nights at the bar. But last night there were 6 Divas, and as always it was a pretty top-notch performance! So despite the lack of friends and other sources of entertainment to photograph, I still took a good number of shots celebrating the awesomeness of the Oh Divas themselves.

So yeah, Tobie had tips going all around. =D

I wish there was more that I could do to help make today extra special for Tobie, but it's hard when we all have work to deal with. With luck we'll be able to figure something out come the weekend - it's really just a question of what...