0155D: Where It's Flat and Immense and the Heat is Intense

Yes, I quoted the "sanitized" lyrics in the title of this post
Summer has just barely begun and already the heat  is quite a monster in its own right. It's a rather fearsome presence that is a constant companion for nearly everyone in the country right now and given the timing, it can get only worse. I expect that mid-April to May will be, well, a very memorable experience with regard to the weather.

It still doesn't convince me that getting air conditioning here at the Sietch is a good idea. Beyond the environmental impact of such an appliance or the ridiculous cost of electricity in this country, it's not like Tobie will find valid use for it during the rest of the year. As much as we both dislike the heat, we don't particularly love the cold either. We're kind of funny that way, I know, but for now it means that we'll just have to rough it a bit for a few weeks until the worst of the summer heat wave passes.

That brings us back to the irony of why so many people want to go to the beach during the hot summer months. It's not that I don't like beaches - I can appreciate the amenities that the seaside has to offer. But it's already hot and going to a place that seems to rake in a heck of a lot more sunshine is a little strange to me. It's probably why Tobie and I prefer to travel during the off-peak moths when it's somewhat cooler and there are far less crowds to deal with.

Otherwise we make do here at the Sietch. There's always plenty of geeky things to do, a good supply of cold water to enjoy and of course Yoshi, for general cuteness. Cuteness is very important after all.

But man, it's so hard to cope at times. The heat and humidity just takes so much out of you that you can't help but feel generally lethargic. But at the same time the heat also makes it hard to sleep comfortably for a solid 6-8 hours. There is no winning against the weather.