01565: Feeling the Urge to Gather Brick and Stone

We're past the halfway point, ladies and gentlemen! The weekend is just around the next corner - or something like that. It's so close I can practically taste it! I'd love to feel it too, but for now what I generally feel is the heat. Such is the life in a tropical country.

As the weekend approaches, I have this major urge - or even call it a craving - to play some board games / card games. And while we just had a tabletop night last March 30, I feel that itch to play games like Citadels and Settlers of Catan. It would also be fun to play Carcassonne again, although I worry that our table is not large enough to accommodate more than just a base set with a single expansion included. And playing on the floor is no longer an option given we have Yoshi roving around.

And more than space considerations, these games are most enjoyable with additional players. And it's not always easy to haul folks over for an all-night tabletop gaming session at the drop of a hat. Settlers alone is best played with at least 4 players and Citadels really gets crazy once you have at least 6 players at the table.

And we have new games to try out like Level 7 and Space Alert that we haven't even tried yet.

Oddly enough, our RPG groups aren't necessarily our tabletop game groups (and I know those terms overlap). For one reason or another we end up playing board games with our queer friends from PG4M while the RPG groups are still the RPG groups. And while the RPG players are more than capable of playing board games too, it's still of greater priority that we make sure that we have progress for the stories for those games more than anything else. Thus the board games have to wait.

So we'll just have to wait and see for what the weekend will bring. I'm already certain that we have at least an RPG meet-up on Sunday (which Tobie desperately needs). As for Saturday, well, our gaming card is still in a state of flux for now. With luck we'll be able to lock down some commitments soon and maybe play a return visit to Catan at the same time.
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