01575: Lazy Saturday Time

Today was a little quirky.

We've been getting ridiculously isolated rain showers all over the place where people are complaining of rapid flooding in one area and us left all high and dry elsewhere. But that also left us too lazy to cook and eventually it was pretty much 05:00pm and we still hadn't eaten anything.

So we ended up heading down to The Podium for some Yaki-Mix buffet fun. It seems kind of crazy to trek across town to a restaurant where you end up cooking your own food, but it was really good food and a nice variety of ingredients that would have been rather costly. As always we indulged on a lot of seafood and tried to get as much salmon sashimi among the sushi options. And of course Tobie spent a fair amount of time exploring the desserts, which led to an interesting discussion about the history of Magnolia and Nestle in the Philippines and why Nestle Pinipig tastes weird,

Since we were feeling pretty full and there was nothing of interest over at The Podium, we crossed over to SM Megamall to at least check out the toys and swing by the comic book stores as well.

The Toy Kingdom run was mostly window shopping as we ogled the adorable stuffed animals and the rather significant Disney presence at the store. But then I came across the Transformers Generations Legends-class toys for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Ironically these are among some of my least favorite characters in the series, but the Optimus set came with a transforming version of his companion Roller, and thus I was pretty much sold. Beyond the fact that the Roller figure was there at all, the back of the card included tech spec ratings for Roller, too! The same went for Bumblebee's companion, Blaze Master, who happens to be more skilled than Bumblebee himself. Go figure.

Tobie also bought something this time around - a board game that he had played before called Labyrinth, which appears simple but also has a rather promising game dynamic. It'll be interesting to see how it actually plays.

Other than that, Tobie and I are just staying home tonight. Considering how crazy busy the work week was for both of us (and yet we still managed to celebrate his birthday) plus the fact that I haven't actually slept, well, staying in seems to be the best option at this time. At the very least, we got a LOT of chores done this morning and the Sietch is looking a lot better right now.
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