01561: The Night Anne Curtis Went to O Bar Ortigas

It's not often that Tobie and I risk going to O Bar on a Saturday night. As much as we love the bar, Saturday nights are typically crazy busy at the bar and the place is typically packed to the rafters with club patrons. And while Tobie and I are rather patient people, the sheer number of people who go on Saturdays are enough to make untoward incidents an inevitable reality. But last night due to the promptings of Prince, and an early start for Tobie's work day on Monday and the news of a celebrity possibly showing up at the bar, we eventually made plan to go.

True enough, Anne Curtis was there at the bar. And while I have to admit that I'm not particularly a fan (nor of most other local artists for that matter), I knew that such moments are great for O Bar as a whole and that deserved support. And the best way that I now that I contribute to the bar's success is by taking a ridiculous number of photos that can be shared across social media to help promote the bar.

Now celebrities are not exactly an unknown at O Bar. I've already been present a few other times when such VIPs would arrive and they'd normally just be partying at the VIP area and that was that. But this was the first time that a VIP visited the bar because she was actually someone that the Oh Divas (the drag queens) impersonated on occasion in celebration of her work. And that's what really defined the night, really.

What was even more amazing - and I don't use the term lightly here - was the fact that Anne Curtis was totally game to join in a lot of the fun. Beyond just enjoying the shows as a member of the audience, she actually participated in some of the sketches culminating with joining Katkat on stage during her reenactment of the infamous wet dress number. And she didn't just join the Oh Divas on stage - she freely got into the kiddie pool on-stage and doused herself with water. AMAZING. The crowd was going crazy and I know I wasn't alone wondering if all this was really happening right in front of us. It seemed too cool to be real!

These are the sorts of celebrities that really, really impress me - the ones who don't put on airs and act all pretentious. These are the ones who know how to have fun and are more than willing to let their hair down even in public venues like O Bar. You have to admire people like that. Being a celebrity isn't easy under any circumstance - there's always pressure to act in a certain way when in public and to avoid going against how some fans perceive you to be based on the roles you portray or whatever else defines your public image. We too often forget that celebrities are still people who just want to have fun on a Saturday night. And I'm glad that O Bar was able to provide that experience for Anne Curtis last night.

And yes, I have new found respect for the woman. It takes guts to get up on stage like that in a fairly intimate setting like O Bar. And perhaps even crazier given the show involved outlandish drag queens and a bar totally full of drunk gay guys, hehe. Totally amazing, amazing night.

And yeah, I'm really glad that Tobie and I were there to witness the whole thing.

Oh O Bar, I'm so glad that you're our queer home.

Pictures HERE and video of Anne Curtis' mind-blowingly amazing on-stage moment HERE.
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  1. Whoa I didn't know that she still goes to those bars where a lot of people (public) can see her. :D

  2. Wow, I didn't know Anne is a gimikera.

  3. I think this really helps her connect to her fans by being game with this activities.

  4. Wow, seeing Anne Curtis in such place is truly overwhelming! :)


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