01560: A Quick Movie Date

Illegal theater photo!
As somewhat promised yesterday, Tobie and I stepped out to watch a movie today. Options were rather limited given the theaters are half-dedicated to the latest local romance flick, so we ended up catching a screening of Oz The Great and Powerful, which surprisingly was still showing at Gateway. The movie was decent enough but nothing particularly exciting - you can expect a full review come Monday.

It's not like we were particularly keen on watching this particular movie - it just happened to be the one with the cheapest ticket price. Plus staying in the air-conditioned theater certainly beat staying at home with the summer heat. I'm sure we're all getting tired of the daily news reports that constantly update us how we keep breaking the temperature record for hottest day of the year thus far. It's hot, WE GET IT!

Still undecided how the rest of the night should go. I haven't slept since work yesterday so the best idea would be for me to get some sleep soon.but Tobie won't be heading to bed anytime soon and that feels like a waste of our potential time together given how we're apart the rest of the week. I could stay up more and just have us sleep at the same time once he's finished with work. Or I could try to nap and consider heading out later after midnight. But if I nap, there's also the risk that I won't wake up...so there.

Yoshi isn't sure what his schedule is either.
It's a ridiculous "problem" I know.

But such is the quirk of our respective schedules. We're always doing our best to spent as much conscious time together but there are inevitable factors that we have to accept in terms of what we can and can't do. But he, we bend the rules when we can to make the most of what we're given. This often involves one or the other staying up way past our bedtimes or other creative schedule rearrangements.

But as for tonight, well, I don't quite have an idea for how to proceed just yet. Rats.