01577: A Rest-Full Weekend

Given how busy past weekends had been, this weekend was a lot lighter in comparison. For one thing, we didn't even go to O Bar last night. More importantly, I got way more sleep this weekend that I had in weeks past, and it was quite the delightful experience. As I've said on a number of occasions, sleep is a gift, especially for those of us who work the graveyard shift on a regular basis. Beyond just getting more sleep, it also meant being able to sleep with Tobie at the same time - another blessing in itself given our different working hours.

I do feel very much rested right now. As much as I enjoy our regular gaming meet-ups with friends and the party nights at O Bar Ortigas, these types of activities can be rather tiring. Thus the conundrum of weekends - something that I think I've written about before. In order to compensate for the stress of the work week, at times it feels like we invest just as much time into our non-work activities meant to give us a greater sense of personal fulfillment. But there are those times when not exerting as much effort in general is the better course of action - something that we definitely put into practice over the past few days.

To be fair, Tobie and I had managed to time-shift our O Bar time to last Wednesday night as part of his birthday celebrations this year. And we were generally prepared to step out again last night had anyone invited us out - something that surprisingly didn't happen. So I guess that was could have been interpreted as a "sign" that more rest was the best course of action for both of us.

The work week looms ahead and I know that I have a heck of a lot of work to do. I'm down to one major deadline a few other tasks of interest that will definitely eat up a lot of my time. So for now I'm making the most of the free time I have left before I need to get all serious about things again.