01576: Sunday Geekery

Tobie and I are home again after another Sunday gaming session together with Mahar, Erich and Rachel. We finally got to revisit the Esteren game after more than 2 months of playing other things. It was a little shaky at first as we all tried to jog our memories of what had gone on before plus the fact that Mahar was merging two different stories into one game plot instead.

The various game sessions that Tobie and I get involved in are quite the interesting way to relax on weekends. Sure it eats up a lot of time and at times it can be a bit of a struggle as you have to really think your way through various challenges and adversaries that you end up facing. But as far as forms of social interaction go, it's certainly one of my favorites. Geekier methods such as this are certainly for the best, at least for geeks such as Tobie and me.

Not sure how the rest of the night will go. Kinda feeling lazy about going out again so the usual O Bar run is a tad iffy at this point. A massage would be great right now, but it's hard to trust some of the home service masseurs right now. If anything, we'll make the most of the weekend.