0156F: Sluggish

Grimlock no need dice boot!
We're gaming at Mahar's today.

I have to admit that I'm feeling a little sluggish right now. It's partly our night at O Bar last night, the lingering effects of the alcohol in my system and a bit too much KFC. Oh joy.

It has been a good weekend but also a tiring one - such is often the case for most weekends when you really think about it. It's how we make the most of our weekends after all - by tiring ourselves out doing the things we enjoy doing instead of the things that we have to do, which typically falls under the work context. Or school for those still studying - you know how it is.

And after this game we're bound to head off to O Bar again. We kind of made a promise to Prince that we would since he stated that he had prepared a special performance for us. And so that does require one to at least make the effort to show up and see what there is to see.

At least Mahar's place has air conditioning. The weather has been particularly bad over the past few days that Tobie and I were struggling to make sense of things yesterday as we had stayed home in the blistering heat.

I want to try and write more for this entry, but my brain isn 't cooperating. Boo.