01714: Pride March 2013

Whether you think of it as the Metro Manila Pride March or the LGBTQ Pride March - today we marched. Together with a few of our friends, we took to the streets and marched in the name of the LGBT Community - in the name of equality and LGBT rights.

Despite a number of complications leading up to this event, I am sincerely glad that it managed to push through. It wasn't the prettiest or most amazing Pride March. The end venue wasn't quite ideal given the number of participants. But more than anything else, it's important to note that we did march today. And that's a bit of a success in itself.

Now we're tired and our feet ache. I lack sleep. Tobie is rather drained from the driving and the marching. So we're just enjoying a simple night at the Sietch with friends as we geek out over Doctor Who.

That's not a bad thing at all. Today has been a very (although tiring) day.