01729: Thanks Paradigm Infinitum!

Most folks associate Singapore with shopping, and for the most part that's a pretty valid point. As much as Singapore has some pretty awesome zoos and some lovely museums, most folks go here for the shopping.

However the only shopping that I'm ever interested in is shopping for new games.

In this area, we are terribly lucky to have discovered Paradigm Infinitum during one of our first trips here. It has become a great source for new game boards and dice provided we arrive at a good time in terms of stock. It's a bit of a roll of the dice every time we visit, but each trip usually involved us taking home quite a number of games. The photo above covers my current haul and I need to find a way to get all this stuff back to Manila safely, hehe.

I think we'll actually be able to try out some of these games with the family between tonight and tomorrow. At least this'll give us more options than just Mahjong, hehe.