01716: Geekier and Geekier Collecting

One interesting aspect to this year is our new collection of tribute books celebrating different franchises that we love. In years past we had picked up interesting books like The Transformers Vault, The Art of Pixar and Avenue Q the Book. But things have stepped up a few notches with the very in-depth fan books for this year. The first notable acquisition was Herge and the Treasures of Tintin, which is a lovely celebration of the classic comic book series that comes filled with lovely exhibit pieces and pull out novelties. Keeping in that them, this weekend my copy of Doctor Who: The Vault finally arrived. This book is quite the celebration of the diverse history of this television series and goes year by year in documenting what had happened. It includes a lot of interesting bits like images of memos about the show, early merchandise, and other elements of the history of the show.

As much as there are other ways to celebrate that things that we love including collector's edition DVD sets and the like, there's something to be said about the nice solid books that read like wonderful tomes of ancient lore. Thus our growing collection of what could be termed as geeky coffee table books even though we don't even have a coffee table.

The challenge is finding a way to balance our different geeky interests. Naturally my Transformers collection is quite the significant investment in both figures and shelf space. My Star Trek collection now consists mostly of the various ships from the series and I'm definitely on track to acquire even more of them over the coming year. Our Doctor Who items don't number too many just yet but that part of the collection is steadily growing as more and more merchandise are finally making their way to the Philippines. And there's all the other stuff like comic books (mostly trade paperbacks these days) and the many, many board games that now call the Sietch home.

That's what Sietch Creare is really about - it's an amazing celebration of the things that Tobie and I are passionate about. It can end up looking pretty messy sometimes and people may question why we seem to have such childish things all over the apartment. But to us it's a treasure trove and one that we'll never be ashamed of.