0170F: Starting December

Hello December. I hope you try to stay around for a while.

It's the last month of the year and my work plate is pretty full. The team has more than its share of deliverables that are due over the next few weeks plus the usual challenge of meeting production goals despite the holiday slump. Sure, the consumer world does a heck of a lot better around this time of the year, but the business-to-business segment really slows down as everyone's budgets are pretty much wrapped up for the year and all attention is already on 2014.

Outside of work there's all the other holiday plans like various Christmas gatherings (since parties seem like a faux pas these days), my own plans with Tobie and of course family plans. And the family has a big thing in mind for this year since the folks are paying to have us all travel to Singapore to celebrate the holidays with my sister. It's always nice for the whole family to be together in one country for a change, but of course it's a week away from the Sietch. That will always feel a little bad - but I hold to the hope that one day family gatherings on both sides will mean open acceptance of our status as a domestic partnership (or whatever you want to call it).