0171C: Geeky Commercialism

A gift from Rachel
The local "convention" scene really isn't much more than a bunch of events for various sellers to conduct business. We have very little in terms of true convention-worthy events like talks from industry  folks or sneak peeks into coming productions or something like that.

And I guess the challenge there is the fact that most of the content that we pursue is foreign in origin and we rarely manage to invite folks over to the country. While we do have some local content creators (like in the comic book world), but that may be just about it.

Today we hit up the Christmas Toy Fair, which is probably the most honest (or accurate?) of all the big events since it only really promises to be a big sale event. It doesn't carry the convention title around, so that's a good thing. However geek pickings at the toy fair are typically very limited and again we hardly found anything of value at the event this year. I think we found more stuff of interest at the Filbar's branch also at Megamall.

Now we're at Mahar's place and have spent the past few hours working through the complicated world of character creation for Houses of the Blooded. Tobie is trying to add a post-apocalyptic spin to things, which does promise some interesting stories to say the least. But dang, I'm still trying to figure out the full nature of my character. But that's the problem that everyone faces when starting a new game.
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