01723: One Day Before Take-Off

So I'm going to meet Tobie's brother over dinner for the first time ever. This is sort of a big thing since it'll be the first member of Tobie's family that I'll be formally meeting after he came out to them. Sure I've met his sister Tracy before, but she doesn't count in this particular case. I hope things go well.

It's sort of weird since we've been using his brother's US residence as a routing point for a lot of our geekier purchases. The photo above depicts the items that he brought over for us just for this Christmas trip. And previously there was a balikbayan box that contained other game boards and the first of my Star Trek Starships from Eaglemoss. So even though I have never met him, I've sort of been rather involved with him because of the stuff being shipped.

The irony is that Tobie and I haven't really had a chance to explore all these purchases just yet. And with my flight scheduled for tomorrow, there's really no time to get into everything fully. But we did make sure to squeeze in time to play our first two rounds of Takenoko, which is indeed a pretty awesome game that I'm glad that Tobie has come to enjoy. I figured he'd like the inherent strategy behind it, plus the fact that it involves a panda.

I'd really like to spend some time with the new starships, but time is limited. But I was at least able to check out the Star Trek (TOS) Blu-Ray discs. They are gorgeous and the remastered version of the episodes looks quite stunning. After dinner I'll head straight to my parent's house so we all leave for the airport at the same time.

I'm already all packed for the trip and I made sure spend the morning unboxing a few more Transformers along with getting the Sietch into order a bit more. Travel always gets me so nervous.