0172A: Surviving The Family Cookfest

I kinda can't believe that I managed to put all this together.

The photo above is the 3-course dinner that I had prepared as my entry in this year's family cookfest. It's something that we had started a few years ago given everyone had managed to learn to cook to one degree or another. Now it's becoming a full family tradition for as long as we manage to gather the whole family together in one country. Given our family setup, that's sometimes a little tricky.

My decided to go with Italian cuisine since I'm already pretty comfy with pasta. It's easy to pair it with other stuff, although I can't quite say that my chicken and fish entrees were authentic Italian in any way, but at least they all worked together.

The soup was the real experiment - I had just ganked the potato soup recipe from the net and gave it my own spin. I do have to state that it's nice to work with actual chicken stock and not just a flavor bouilon cube. I think it really made a difference with the flavor.

Dessert was simple since it was all about assembly, but it was my meager attempt at plating. It may not seem like much, but I just wanted a light dessert to cap things off. I think I managed to achieve that.

I didn't win the cookfest, but that's okay. I think I just really wanted to prove to myself that I could put something like this together. And I did!