0170A: Busy Thanksgiving

Photo by Michael Henderson from Brisbane (Bardon), Australia via Wikimedia Commons
Thursday will be Thanksgiving in the US. Despite this fact, my work week has become surprisingly busy just over the course of the past two days and I wonder how we're going to manage things. And while my colleague and I will still be in the office through the US holiday. our counterparts on that side of the world will be out and that'll certainly delay our work efforts.

And next week won't be all that better. Along with the inevitable post-holiday madness, we also have two major events on this side of the world. And just the other week we were thinking that we might have a nice little holiday week with the whole Thanksgiving festivities. And now we're juggling quite a number of things as we work to keep all the plates spinning.

I'm just glad that I'm not struggling with this whole routine all by myself anymore. Small pleasures, yes?

And now I find myself organizing my LGBT movie collection - I've added an additional sheet to Tobie's existing tracker (hosted on Google Drive) and I've settled on a disc numbering system to keep things easy to find. I'm really happy with the initial results - but now I want to go back and fill up the additional columns that I had prepared.

Small pleasures indeed.