01713: My Transformers Queue

One of the weirder challenges that I face every December involves my Transformers. You see, I have a personal commitment to make sure that all Transformers that I acquire within a calendar year are also unboxed, shelved and photographed within the same calendar year. But I don't open Transformers immediately after buying them - I tend to hold on them and save them for particularly stressful periods in the year. Plus it's only recently that we acquired new shelves for displaying the ever-increasing amount of Transformers at the Sietch - prior that that I sort of let them gather more than normal.

At present. I'm down to about 19 figures in queue. 5 of them are loose figures that I bought secondhand should be pretty easy to get out onto the shelf - the others are still mint in-box. And 6 of them are those new Custom Kreon figures that will require more storage considerations. Other Kreons have been stored using those little toy display cases from places like Daiso, but they're oddly hard to find. I'm also considering trying to source flat LEGO panels so I can have them standing in a more secure manner. But where can I find those sorts of things?

I have the rest of the month to get all of these folks out of their cardboard prisons. But one has to factor in the fact that (1) I still have work and (2) at the end of the month I'll be in Singapore with the rest of my family. Throw in other social engagements like Christmas parties and such and there appear to be quite a number of things that will take me away from the Sietch. Complications!

But hey, it's a fun little "problem" to have. I know I'll be able to get through all these figures in time - provided that I don't find too many other Transformers to add to the collection given the inevitable holiday sales and such.