01727: Staying Home in Singapore

Cotton Candy in a Cup!
When people think of visiting other countries, I'm pretty sure it's expected that your trips will involve a lot of tourist-like activities including visiting theme parks, exploring museums or shopping at exclusive retail locations. Given the nature of my family and how often we go to Singapore to visit my sister, visiting this country isn't much different from going to a relative's house within Metro Manila. And thus for the bulk of our trip so far, we've pretty much stayed home.

And this isn't a bad thing of course. Holidays are all about spending time with family after all, and we've never been the sort of family to want to endure crowds for too long. Sure, over the various trips we have seen some of the sights and we're still bound to go shopping. But it will hardly take up majority of our time to do so. Whether back home in the Philippines or all the way here in Singapore, what's more important to us is to have a place to park ourselves that allows us to exclude the rest of the world.

It probably explains why I'm perfectly happy spending most of my days at home at the Sietch with Tobie. I have little desire to travel to beaches and other far flung places except when visiting friends and family or maybe to celebrate a special occasion. Tobie and I do enjoy watching movies, but we're perfectly happy staying close to home to do so. And of course there's the never-ending gaming sessions being scheduled weekend after weekend - I swear this is like one of the best ways to spend our free time.

I think we may actually leave the house for real tomorrow given it's Dad's birthday. But then again, I doubt that we'll be out for that long. Plus there's the fact that the family cookfest for this year has begun. For each night for the next few nights, each of us are expected to prepare a 3-course meal for the family. Pressure!