0170E: Weekend Geekery Report

There never seems to be enough time in the day. With Tobie and I running on separate schedules during the work week, the weekends become even more precious. But despite the feeling that we're always chasing after one another's schedules, we still manage to find times to be together. And thus our weekend schedules end up pretty busy in terms of different activities, but on the whole we make the most of things.

Yesterday we had a pretty epic game night with one of our gaming groups. This one is strictly a board game group (so far) and they had the pleasure of being the ones to christen a bunch of games that had just arrived from the US. Tobie had asked relatives there to collate our various purchases for shipping and now the stuff all arrived. And man, it's quite the haul. Naturally it meant a fair amount of patience before the goods could make their way over via cargo boat, but of course such geekery is always worth the wait.

Our new set of games include Star Trek Catan and the Federation Space expansion, Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx, and the game that Tobie had really been waiting for, the anniversary edition of Galaxy Trucker, which comes complete with all the different expansions. So yeah, there is no such thing as too many games here at the Sietch.

So for last night's game night involved a good number of games. We started with a demo run of Mage Knight, followed by a rather engaging series of rounds of Galaxy Trucker. It's hard to describe the game quickly enough, but I have to admit that it's a lot more fun than I had anticipated. From the initial madcap dash to put your ship together while other players grab relevant pieces as well to the efforts to survive adventure challenge after challenge, it's a very well-designed game. But game night didn't end there.

From there we played a round of Fluxx and then chanced a round of Monty Python Fluxx. Unfortunately I was the only one familiar with the franchise and so I was pretty much the only one laughing at all the jokes woven into the cards themselves. People still had fun, but I'd like to think that they could have enjoyed things even more had they known more of the sketches associated with the show. We wrapped up with a round of Star Trek Catan, which was certainly a fun, fun game. It'll be hard to go back to the conventional Catan run.

Today Tobie and I caught the last show of the Atlantis Productions staging of The Addams Family. It was a pretty funny show, although I'm not too big a fan of the actual story. Plus the way that some of the characters were portrayed just didn't quite work perfectly - but such is the risk of when you adapt a children's cartoon into a musical production.

Now we're home and I'm not quite sure if I want to head out tonight. I guess that will depend on who else might be going. But either way, it has been a pretty good weekend.