0171F: 13 Months And Counting

When a relationship gets past a year, I like to think it's better to start counting years instead of months. However Tobie is a quite the romantic sap and I guess a lot of that has rubbed off on me - hence my weird geeky gestures like the creation of the Baduy Pride blog.

Today counts as the 13th month of our rebooted relationship, and Tobie loves marking monthsaries. It's sufficient to just greet one another. But more often than not, we tend to sneak in little gestures here and there. It's just how things work for us.

Tobie won in the greeting department - he had a message already waiting for me on WeChat before I woke up. So I felt obligated to catch up somehow. Thus I order take-out from North Park to act as our brunch before he headed off to work. We may order the same thing every time, but it's certainly stuff that we love. And that's what today - and pretty much every day - is about. Celebrating the things that we love together.

And after my crazy work shift, I really needed a little moment of happiness, no matter how simple. As long as I'm with Tobie, I know everything is going to be okay.


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