01707: Gaming, Adventuring, Singing and Dancing

A quick summary of the weekend thus far goes something like this:
My bard lost his lute. The desert buried us in sand. Katniss started a revolution. Maxie grew up.

This translates as us playing Dungeon World and Forbidden Desert yesterday and today we watched Catching Fire and Maxie The Musical. It's been a busy yet very fun weekend indeed.

December is just around the corner and a lot of the holiday offers have started to float around different online retailers. I find myself tempted by different offers and actually gave into recent sales on Amazon and comiXology. My credit card is complaining but I'll be able to sate the beast once my 13th month pay comes in. I just need to make sure that my advanced spending does not go beyond how much I expect to get.

We're back home now and waiting for McDonald's to deliver some unhealthy food to wrap up the day properly. Not sure if we're heading out to O Bar, but we're definitely going to first watch The Day of the Doctor before leaving. Given how social media is still afire with the revelations of the 50th anniversary episode, I don't think it'll be safe for us to delay watching any further. It's just one of those things.