01722: Step by Step

Despite the holiday madness and the increasingly disappointing new stories, I'm happy to say that I've been rather productive over the past few days. With Tobie's help I've managed to get through my Christmas shopping list while finding some time to get a few items of indulgence in-between. We've also made sure that Yoshi got his annual heartworm shot and resupplied his food. Yesterday I got my banking stuff done, dropped off the utilities check and just this morning I bought an additional refill for our drinking water supplies. I even picked up a new bag of rice on the way home.

But man, I could really use a massage before I fly off with my family. But there are just too many things to deal with first.

I'm determined to get all this done and leave the Sietch in the best possible order given that I'm going to be away for a week. And while I know I can trust Tobie to take care of the Sietch well enough on his own, naturally I want to help lighten his load as much as possible before the time comes. It's just part of being a partner.

This weekend is still going to be a busy with with things like Christmas parties, anniversary events and whatnot. I just hope we make it through it all alive, hehe.