0170C: The Hunt for the Daleks Begins

This has been a very good year for me in terms of my Transformers collecting. I've managed to get my hand on a number of interesting figures including new ones like the massive Metroplex and harder to find stuff from the Classics / Universe toylines And with 2014 just around the corner, I find myself thinking of other items to include in our Sietch collection.

With the recent Doctor Who mania reaching a fever pitch with the 50th anniversary special, I find myself wanting to expand our collection of Doctor Who merchandise here at the Sietch. I really didn't get too involved in the toys given (1) retailers don't typically stock them here in the Philippines and (2) the toys mostly consist of action figures that don't particularly interest me.

But one aspect of the show's merchandise definitely involve the various Dalek toys that have been released over the years. And ever since my country manager decided to bring home a TARDIS during his last trip home to the UK, it feels like the collecting gates are now wide open for wanting to start collecting.

As iconic as the Dalek is by now, I realize that I don't necessarily like all Daleks. I especially don't appreciate the very brightly-colored ones from the recent Doctor Who epsiodes and I'm more inclined to look for toys that capture the classic look of these aliens.

In 2012 a line of talking Dalek toys were released - they're officially known as the Doctor Who - Sound FX Dalek line, each of the six figures representing both the look and the voice of various incarnations of the Daleks over the years. It wraps up the collection with the bronze Dalek popularized by the 2005 reboot series, which makes sense given the current fanbase. Sadly, I've never seen the figures around here and they retail anywhere between $25-$80 depending on the popularity of the actual figure. Naturally the Bronze Dalek has become the most popular given how recognizeable it is.

Will I actually find these Daleks? I doubt it - I'll be lucky to acquire 1 or 2 of them. But it's certainly a nice collecting goal for the coming years and one that is limited in scope but still pretty rewarding. After all, it's not just about having the toys - the search and the effort to get a good deal are all part of the fun.