0143B: Bringing the Week to a Close

Work was kind of crazy last night - the price to pay for running a department mostly alone, at least for now. Until we can fill the empty position, I'll end up running the gauntlet of things more than I'd like. I can still manage things - this is a relatively lighter week compared to some previous ones. but I know that my luck won't last for long.

Today's post-shift plans were to meet up with Tobie at Ali Mall so we could have lunch and get haircuts. But while waiting for Tobie to make his way over from the Sietch, I ended up browsing the toys at SM Cubao's Toy Kingdom Express section. And lo and behold, they already had the Kre-O Mini-changer blind bag packs!

Initially I wanted to hold back since we had made plans to head to Greenhills tomorrow to buy the mini-changers as a complete set. But then as I studied the bags, it was pretty clear the product code on the front most likely matched the variants of the figures. And true enough, this was the case so I managed to get 5 of the 6 figures without risking duplicates!

"Unfortunately" this also meant going to both SM Cubao and Rustan's Department Store at Gateway just to assemble those 5 Kreons. And while there I just so happened to pick up 3 of the 4 Scout-class Transformers Generations figures that are exclusive to the Asian market. I know they're just repaints of movie-era figures for the most part, but they are still G1-inspired and I'm always going to be a sucker for those.

I did in fact get a haircut. It wasn't exactly an urgent need but my hair had reached that awkward length where it's not entirely long but it's no longer quite so neat. Crew cuts only work when you keep them well-maintained and the need for regular haircuts.

You see this silly photo? This is me trying to look somewhat human despite how tired I am. And a lot of the fatigue admittedly comes from not having had any coffee today. Despite my graveyard schedule, I wasn't able to eat or drink anything for most of the shift since I needed to go through at least 8 hours of fasting for the blood test that's part of my annual physical.

Normally I'd make sure to include my pre-shift sleep time as part of the fasting period, but I had completely forgotten about the exam given my fatigue the day before. So once I got to work, it was only then that I had realized my error and so I needed to rectify things. It was quite the struggle to get through the day without my usual caffeine boosts, but I think I did okay. It didn't make the work hours go by any faster, but what can you do eh?

And now I need to get some rest. One more work shift to go before this crazy week comes to an end.
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