01442: Not A Fun Shift

And I thought yesterday had been bad.

You know those kind of work days that despite going to the office earlier than normal you find yourself swamped with work from the very beginning and then it just doesn't let up? And it's not like it's entirely new work - it's just the regular on-going stuff that decided to mutate into something a heck of a lot worse today or something along those lines. And the challenges don't come one-by-one - they ALL decided to vie for your attention at the same time and all you can do is try your best to juggle everything as efficiently a possible and hope to get everything done.

It was the sort of day that had me losing track of time, having a late lunch and feeling the need to step away from my desk to de-stress more than once. Or thrice.

But don't get me wrong - I got everything done and the silly fires that had cropped up were all quelled by the time I had left the office. And it's not like I did a haphazard job either - I'm pretty proud of what I had accomplished today and I think the quality remains at par with my better stuff during my less stressful days. I know I can perform well under pressure - it just doesn't mean that I have to enjoy it though.

So now I really feel like drinking this weekend. But other obligations are certainly going to prevent that from happening either. So I don't really know what I have to look forward to as that kind of escapist coping that seems to tempting right now.