0143C: Missing Training

I've worn many "hats" across my 9+ years in the call center industry and the varied experience has certainly made my life richer because of it. With every new role or even new department, I've gained new skills and expanded my capabilities as a professional. But with every change in role, I've also had to "keep" some skills in my back pocket for future use since they don't always apply to what my current role demands.

A significant part of my career has been involved in the Training field and it was certainly a colorful and yet stressful period of my life. I was a tad surprised to find how successful I was in the Training arena despite my innate introversion and related social awkwardness. And while I often complained about the tiring days, the long working hours and the frequent schedule changes.

But the job itself and the related fulfillment one can derive from helping someone learn something new or to gain the essential skills for the job is a unique experience. It definitely leaves you feeling pretty good afterward. It's that level of interaction with other people that really defines the training experience that makes it so powerful and memorable.

Today I met up with a high school classmate for a business proposition. And over the course of that discussion, I found myself slipping back into old training habits and tried to help him with his sales approach. I hope that I didn't cross a line in terms of my efforts to help him - I know I have a nasty habit of coming off as arrogant at times. But at the same time my heart was in the right place, plus I know I just got rather excited about tickling that training itch inside my brain.

What does this mean? Nothing immediate, really. I know these skills are there and remain valuable but that's about it. They don't always get involved in my current job, but it's nice to know that they skills remain active for any future time that I might require them. But it's nice to feel that rush again.


  1. Maybe you should get training gigs as freelance outside of the regular. I'm sure a lot of companies would need you training skills.

    1. I'm considering that as well, although it'll take some research to know where to begin, hehe

  2. There is nothing wrong in tapping our innate strengths especially if it is to help ourselves and other people.

  3. I think your friend had rather appreciated when you tried to give him some feedback. :) There's nothing wrong with that.


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