01441: One of THOSE Days

The week is proving to be rather stressful for a number of reasons. Some are related to work and the naturally increased workload given the resignation of my only colleague in the department. Some are related to family matters of a personal nature. Others are just the things in my head that are leading me to try to map out paths forward and prepare the appropriate contingencies for the future. It's a fun time.

Invited Gene over today since he just received some not so ideal news this week. So yeah, geeks gather during stressful times. It helps - seriously. But of course his way of relaxing is to make me watch a horror movie - in this case something known as Grave Encounters. It's playing right now as I write this entry - and yes my blogging and use of the computer is a coping mechanism to help me deal with potentially scary bits that will come along.

And right around here I stopped blogging for a while since we paused to watch the movie a bit more. Not scared yet. The whole Blair Witch style, found footage gimmick can only go so far. If I had more to blog about it, it has probably drained away due to a combination of fatigue and this movie. Let's wrap this up.

The weekend is going to be pretty busy, but due to very different reasons. Initially I didn't exactly have plans and now I have a commitment that will keep me preoccupied for whole time. I'll still make the most of things, of course, but then I had kinda hoped to allocate my time in a different way, but that's how life is at times. You work with what needs to be done and you balance your obligations as best as you can without wigging out or anything crazy like that.

Oh life. Oh life. Oh life

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