01433: The Kre-O Surprise

These, ladies and gentlemen, are Kre-O Transformers, then evil merging between LEGO-style brick kits and Transformers. And while I've largely ignored the "2-in-1" play sets, I have been severely tempted by the adorable Kreons - their version of LEGO minifigs. I mean come on, they're too adorable to ignore!

But of course the bulk of the Kreon figures can only be purchased together with the kits. And the more popular characters are naturally bundled with the larger kits. Some individual Kreon packs have been announced (and released already in the US, I think) but it'll take them a while to get around here.

So it was quite the surprise yesterday when I woke up to find a large gift box at my usual seat at the table. And knowing Tobie, I already had a good idea what was in the box. What I wasn't expecting was that there were actually two Kre-O sets in the packaging and not just one.

Oh. My. GLOB!

I have been eyeing these two particular Kre-O sets more than others because of the Kreons that they come with. The Sentinel Prime set happens to include Soundwave while the Megatron set includes Shockwave! Sure, this means that I also get Kreons for characters like Thundercracker and Megatron himself, but it's worth enduring them to get the much cooler Kreons.

This is such an unbelievable gift, all because I've been having such a stressful work week. Or at least that's Tobie's excuse, which is better than the alternative reason of wanting to give a gift in case his plane to Singapore this weekend crashes or something. Crazy, I know.

If course this means that Tobie has opened the evil door that will lead to me wanting to get more Kreons. And I still haven't gotten started on the Fall of Cybertron Generations figures. And the irony is not lost on me that the figure that I want most also happens to be FoC Shockwave. Oh joy.

Transformers are definitely such a great problem to have.
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