0142F: Tired But Geeky

The shirt really works.
Another gaming Sunday today. Thankfully I didn't wake up with too much of a hangover given all my drinking from the night before. Although I didn't sleep as much as I had hoped despite being awake for far too long on Saturday as well. It enjoy those who can consistently sleep for more than 6 hours on a regular basis. Bugger my life.

The weekend has been pretty interesting thus far. The party last night wasn't quite as crazy as I had feared nor was it quite as interesting as I had hoped either. But unlimited cocktails helps you reconsider the value of any gathering and so for the most part I entertained myself by downing yet another drink. At least there were a few familiar faces and there was a point in the night that the music was worth dancing to and then that was that.

But darn I was pretty sound asleep shortly after getting home. I didn't even get to read as much as I had hoped despite my tweeted determination to do just that. I guess the alcohol had been more potent than I had expected.

And as tweeted last night as well, I really want to have a Kylie Minogue party of sorts. Some day.

Dice + Dice Boot
Back to the game, we're still continuing the Adventure chronicle that we had started some time ago, but at the same time we've completed creating additional characters for the related game systems Aberrant and Aeon Trinity. This worries me since it means that sooner or later, we'll end up shifting from one system to the other. And there's the quirk that the three systems weren't just designed by the same folks but are also linked in terms of the internal story line. And that sort of thing can be pretty dangerous in the hands of a Storyteller like Tobie.

True enough as I write this, we've made a brief jump to one of the Aberrant versions of the characters before jumping back. And then a jump to the Trinity world before going back to the main story.

Oh dear, this should be interesting.

The last time that I had multiple characters to juggle, I was more tired than normal after the game since it meant not having too much time to rest between turns since I always had a character involved in the story. Bugger. So we'll see how this pans out.

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