0142B: Three Friends and the Phantom

In the days of the ASA Family, we had made a number of plans for mid-term future, which included a few out of town trips and some plays that we'd watch together. And while the trips didn't push through anymore, there was one appointment that I felt we still needed to pursue.

Photo by Tobie

It had been Prince's dream to watch The Phantom of the Opera for quite a long time now and when the show was announced to be coming to Manila, we made sure to book tickets. Of course the break-up happened before the show's run had even begun, but then like I said, we felt plans didn't need to change. So last night we finally closed this particular chapter, and it was certainly a lovely evening.

I'll admit that at first I was rather skeptical about our ability (as a country) to stage this musical. Sure, I knew it was an international touring group so the talent was certainly there. However the fact that I had known about who technically challenging this play is given all the set pieces and occasional pyrotechnics, I just wondered if the CCP could accommodate the production's various needs.

Photo by Tobie
But then they did! And it was a truly magical night for the three of us, despite how disappointingly warm the CCP turned out to be and the weird rule about no cameras (not even point and shoots!) but camera phones and tablets still being okay. Expect a full review on the Geeky Guide by next week or so.

Now some of you might be wondering if it was awkward or something to be there two men who are essentially both my exes now. And I'll admit that at first I was a tad nervous about that too since this would be one of the first times that we'd all be together again outside of the hustle and bustle of O Bar. But it wasn't all that bad despite some mixed feelings here and there. In the end we're all still friends and our history is not something you can just ignore so on the whole it was still a good evening.

 And I guess that's the thing here - you can't really make absolute rules when it comes to relationships such as the popular "You can never be friends with your exes". It really depends on the context of things - how meaningful your relationship was and how things ended and how mature you all are and a number of other factors. Thus a "general rule" will rarely work - you'll need to adapt to the specific circumstances of your relationship.

Phantom Swag (Photo by Tobie)
And as for us, well, I think we're still defining how we'll interact moving forward. I'm sure I wasn't the only one with mixed feelings and random emotional surges throughout the night. Naturally I miss my "family" and it's easy to remember all the good times that we've had together. But at the same time some of the emotional wounds aren't quite fully healed and thus there's a bit of trauma to go around as well. but on the whole I think we handled the night pretty well and just focused on the important part - enjoying the production.

Naturally watching a play means investing in overpriced souvenirs and other swag items. Naturally I picked up the program, which to be fair was of rather exceptional quality and pretty much matched international standards. Tobie got me a Phantom magnet to add to the collection and he got Tobie a Phantom cap to supplement his own cap line-up.

Our evening together ended with a nice dinner at the nearby Teriyaki boy. I think we were all basking in the glory of the production too much to really think about much else, which is just as well. At the very least we were all very happy, and that's always a good thing.

I don't fully remember how I survived my work shift despite the lack of sleep, but all I know it involved WAY too much caffeine in various forms. I feel a lot more rested now after a health 7+ hour sleep (that's a miraculous amount of sleep for me) and it's back to other domestic duties like today's monthly grocery run.

And I don't really want to think about work yet. TOO MUCH TO DO!!!