01440: Monsters Can Sing Too

Recently Tobie started playing My Singing Monsters on his iPad, a quirky game that involves the breeding of adorable monsters to complete a full orchestra to sing a particular song. On the surface it seems like just another game that tries to tempt you to purchase the in-game currency (this time diamonds) in order to get past the time-delay actions like breeding monsters or incubating their eggs.

But the musical element to things and how the "song" per island starts to become more and more complex as you earn more and more monsters to participate in the song. And that's were a lot of the fun lies.

The game isn't available for Android yet and so I'm forced to share in Tobie's game in order to play. But that's not too bad a thing - currently we're pooling our free time to grow the monsters and gather the needed resources. But as soon as the Android version comes out, I'm so downloading this game!

Of all the monsters, I've developed quite the soft spot for the Mammott, which is essentially a Yeti with a fun bass voice. Given you can rename the monsters, Tobie opted to rename his Mammott after me and since then I've really come to like the little guy. Plus he's so much fun to sing along with and imitate, like in the photo to the left.

The game has become such a focus of interest as of late that I ended up scouring the web for a way to download the MP3s of the various finished island songs. Initially I was thwarted by the regional restrictions imposed on Amazon and the Google Play Store, but finally managed to get through another site. And they accepted my PayPal funds as a payment method, which means that my blogging actually sponsored my copies of the music.

Yes, I actually paid for digital music. But it was sooo worth it! And now I can't keep playing the three songs on repeat! LOL

In other news, I did report for work last night and managed to make it through the day. There was a lot to do given my absence Monday night and the better part of my shift was spent trying to catch up. Naturally it was rather stressful but I managed to get everything done in time for the most part. I hope tonight will be better. And at least my asthma didn't get in the way...at least not too much. We'll see how the dice fall from this point on.
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  1. Here's hoping http://www.mysingingmonsters.com/home/ notices this post and thanks you for it! Wheee!


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