0142D: A Photo Post for the Week

Not thinking about how bad yesterday was and how tonight was a bit generally better but nothing to celebrate, let's talk about the other things of interest from the week.

First, this week the Reversible Adventure Time Backpack that I had ordered online had arrived earlier this week and it turned out to be TOTALLY WORTH IT! The quality of the bag was even better than I had expected and Tobie was pretty happy about how cool the bag was as well. Pictures!

Cute, Yes/Yes? *FISTBUMP*

And Tobie and I have been easing back into the cooking routine with various creations here and there. But of course Tobie had to come back in a that is unique to him:

Yes, it's a plate of pancakes that just happens to have some longaniza on the side. They actually look a bit out of place amid the bananas, peanut butter, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

One thing has led to another and I happen to be growing a mustache. It didn't start out as anything intentional - it just involved my irregular work schedule around the time of my birthday and the other holidays as of late let to things moving around and BOOM - a long period without saving. I'm sort of tinkering with it for now and will just see how low I last with it.

And so I could get past the stress of the work day, I ended up taking a quick snap of me, um, practicing smiling. At the office. In my defense, I felt this was a better way to spend a little break time compared to falling asleep at my desk or something.

And yes, Baboy is still at the office.