0142C: Post-Shift Drinking Musings

Work was pretty bad today. Bad news. Bad systems. Just a lot of bad. It's one of the rare times that I actually found myself looking for a drink for some degree of consolation for all the bad things that happened today.

Tabs brought Emperador Light
So today became a domestic drinking day. And the timing couldn't have been better, I suppose. And while I know on an intellectual level that alcohol won't really do anything, at least the mild buzz helps one forget just a wee bit even for a moment.

Skipper brought a Vodka Mudshake
So after all that drinking I'm still a bit bummed but not bad enough to ruin my ability to report for work tonight. And that's just as well. I'm still stressed and still a bit bummed about things but there's nothing that I can do at this point. Work is work is work and one can only make the most of things. The bigger trick is making sure that you avoid bringing the work and the stress related to it home. Today was not one of those days, but hey everyone has a moment of weakness.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, even if only in contrast to today.


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