0143E: Do We Choose the Complicated Path?

The few times that I find myself traveling across the city in the day, it always seems like I'm in another world entirely. Things naturally seem so different in the daytime hours when everything is a lot more active and businesses are actually open. It doesn't always make errands all that pleasant to run since it also means daytime traffic snarls and the heat of the morning sun. I'll always have such mixed feelings about daytime given the comfort and security of my call center life.

But that's just a lot of preamble to other stuff since I just needed to get those thoughts off my chest, in a manner of speaking.

We don't necessarily prefer complications in life - things just sort of turn out that way. Life is inevitably complicated and people more so and thus the interaction of all these elements results in a pretty quirky melting pot. Such is the human experience - such is life as a whole. We get through the bad spots and make the most of things.

Complication is not bad in itself - at times the simple and mundane can be highly disappointing and thus we end up craving the more complex and unique. It keeps things interesting, to say the least. And life would be very drag indeed if we didn't have a little spice thrown into the mix of things.

It's always tricky to determine if our lives are naturally complicated or if we choose to complicate them of our own accord. You'd think that it would be pretty illogical to choose chaos over order, but sometimes we don't make that decision on a truly conscious level. There are things that we do, choices that we make that stem from something deeper in our strange human brains. We can reflect on the matter as much as we want but sometimes our own motivations for such seemingly peculiar actions will continue to elude us.

And what do I conclude at the end of these mental meanderings in this blog post? Nothing really. I just needed to write about all this for now. I have a lot more thinking to do in the meantime.