01427: September Transformer Goals

So I went on a toy hunting run with Gene today around Ayala Center in Makati, but neither of us had any luck. And while one can't expect to be successful during every such venture, it has been a while since I had last made the rounds and so I was hoping to find something.

To be fair, I haven't had too many Transformers targets this year since the primary focus for the year has been the DOTM and Transformers Prime related toylines, both of which I have no immediate plans of indulging in.

So while waiting for Gene to make his way to Makati, I spent the last few hours of my work day going over the new arrivals at the various local toy shops and came across these figures - a much of regional exclusive repaints meant to present G1 style figures for Springer, Swerve, Wheelie and Cliffjumper (as depicted in the image). And while repaints do seem like a cheap venture on the manufacturer's part, they still look pretty darn cool. And they go a long way towards completing an updated Generations version of the G1 movie line-up (except maybe for Swerve).

But these figures are merely a distraction from my current point of focus - the new Fall of Cybertron toys. I don't to get the entire line (at full price, that is) and thus my primary targets at this point are Shockwave and of course the combiner Bruticus. I definitely want to get the Insecticon and the updated Starscream figure has a nice slugfighter feel to it that oddly reminds me of StarCraft.

And then in lesser priority I know I'm going to want Ultra Magnus and Sideswipe, if only to somehow maintain the Autobot balance of power a wee bit more. It's not my fault that Decepticons tend to make cooler figures.

The the bottom of the barrel will be Optimus Prime and Jazz in that order, largely because I'm weird that way. Seriously, Optimus Prime just never did it for me!

And now I need to rest. Still tired from work and we potentially have guests coming over tonight. And I will dream of getting more Transformers figures in the very near future.
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