01439: Jumping Forward

As much as I'm a big Star Trek fan, I've always been a fan of "jump / fold space" drives. The concept of bending space through rather exotic wormholes or similar technology always seemed like an interesting way to get past the "limitations" imposed on us by the Theory of Relativity with regard to the speed of light. We've seen this concept used in books like Dune, games like Battletechm TV shows like Battlestar Galactica and cartoons like Macross / Robotech. I can't quite pinpoint what I loved about this idea so much, but it just worked. And I often find myself quoting that I'm engaged in a jump or something like that randomly throughout the normal course of my week.

I'm adjusting to a change in my work schedule right now. So that means a short nap here, awake again and then proper sleep before my new shift. Instead of trying to get to work by midnight, I'll be heading to work closer to 03:00am this time around. My day will end after lunch and then I'll try to sleep quickly and wake up to adjust closer to my usual midnight schedule again come Thursday night. It's not exactly a healthy schedule but unless I intend to be at the office past noon on Saturday, I'm more than willing to make those adjustments to get back to a more favorable time slot.

This particular "journey" to a new schedule involves a series of small jumps before I get to the big one. I the meantime, I'm awake again and so might as well try to bring Yoshi to the vet for his deworming. Oh my geeky call center life.

Oh, and I watched the new Resident Evil movie. Where do I begin to comment?


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