01428: Lazy Weekends Are Lazy

So it's been a nicely lazy weekend thus far. Beyond my post-shift toy excursion with Gene Saturday morning, I haven't really left the Sietch all weekend. And that's definitely not a bad thing - it's not like I have a significant need to go out all that much.

Photo by Nono
And last night was even more fun given some friends dropped by for some drinking and gaming. What had initially started as a spur-of-the-moment invite to partake in some of the Shai-Hulud Cake that Jovan had prepared for my birthday, given there was just so much of it. And cakes deserve to be shared after all, hehe.

One thing led to another and we ended up with Jade, Bern, Nono and Lanchie all at the Sietch for a night of drinking, gaming and the odd catching up that happens between game turns and sips of vodka.

Oh, and I introduced everyone to Dinosaur Office, because I'm kind of evil that way, hehehe.

We played quite a number of games last night, which certainly made for an interesting evening given the varying ways people compete. We started things out with two rounds of Cthulhu Gloom, which later gave way tot he lighter but still enjoyable Dixit Odyssey. But things really ended on a high note with Citadels, which can be a pretty evil game when played by a group of gay geeks. And this was the first time that we had the chance to play with the special location cards that really changed the way the game worked.

We had wrapped up at around past seven in the morning and Tobie and I spent the rest of the morning watching episodes of The Office while fiddling with Grindr, of all things! It does make for funny conversations, to say the least.

And now we're dealing with the eternal problem of what to eat when you're feeling too lazy to cook. Bummer. LOL