01434: Transformers Pay Day

Fall of Cybertron Figures!
So the other day Tobie purchased my very first Kre-O Transformers play sets as a surprise gift to cheer me up despite a very stressful work week. He also mentioned that he spotted more of the Fall of Cybertron toys over at the Rustan's Department Store.

Today happens to be my pay day. You can do the math.

As discussed many times before, I categorize such geek purchases in three categories. Category 1 items are must-haves that can be purchased at full price. They are worth risking paying interest on my credit card balance. They must be acquired at once. Category 2 items are only okay when they go on sale. Category 3 items are chance items that I may get on sale only after I've worked through all of the Category 2 items first.

The figures in the photo to the right are all Category 1. I purchased all 5 of them today. The only irony of this purchase is the fact that the four robots in the periphery can merge together to form a larger robot - Bruticus. However I don't have the central figure that will hold them together - this would be Onslaught. That sexy figure in the middle of the photo is actually the FoC version Shockwave, who is still pretty darned sexy.

You do realize that I won't be able to unbox the other four Combaticons until I acquire Bruticus. I may be able to unbox Shockwave, provided I get over the guilt of not yet assembling the Kre-O sets that Tobie had given me (I only opened them up for the Kreons) or the many other Transformers that are still "in queue" for unboxing.

The Waiting List
I've learned to keep Transformers on the side in case of really stressful days. Nothing quite beats opening a new Transformer, transforming it for the first time, memorizing the transformation sequence and then finding a place for it in the Sietch. And that comes with complete photo documentation of every step of the process, so it's quite involving indeed. And so I've learned not to go without - thus the many robots still waiting around.

My only other challenge is that I also commit to open all Transformers that I purchase within the same calendar year so that I can document them all in my end-of-year Transformers blog report. Given it is already September, I expect that I'll need to pick up the pace in my Transformers unboxing efforts.

Weekend is just around the corner! What to do, what to do...