01431: Post-Shift Social Media Trolling

I'm a generally positive guy most of the time - well, positive with a healthy dose of practicality and logic baked in as well. But there are those occasional days that test even my patience and capability for remaining hopeful. This felt like one of those days.

Work last night started out as quite the Murphy Monday for me. The major deadline that I've been working on for the past week has been one of those annoying ones that are web-based. And I had most of it done as of Friday last week and it was up to another colleague to review my work over the weekend so I could focus on final edits last night. But when I got it, it seemed that the portal was on the fritz and we were just over 3 hours away from the deadline.

I did my best to remain calm, however the conditions were without a doubt stressful. And as I went into full troubleshooting mode, I did my best to keep my cool. In time the client realized something was wrong as well and offered to extend the deadline one more day. Of course this is only a temporary reprieve from things and as of the time I had left the office things still weren't 100% okay. I remain somewhat skeptical that they'll get things working by the time I report back for work tonight.

So think I better understand Garfield's issues with Mondays. Mine are typically heavy to begin with but last night was elevated to be a full ordeal. And it's not over yet since I have to hope things are better by tomorrow for the portal, plus all the other deliverables that I'm still working on. I was hoping to get the big one done today so I could focus on all the others but now I still have more plates spinning in the air.

In other news, I've started a new project, which admittedly borders on trolling. I've finally created an Instagram account in order to poke fun at the whole movement, in a way. I plan on taking pretty much random photos of whatever stuff catches my fancy around the Sietch or wherever I happen to bring the tablet. I'll do my best to have a daily post, caption it with one SHIFT+F7 type word and see where things go from there. With luck the posts - whether on Instagram or on Tumblr will become wildly popular or something.

And that would be so much fun indeed.

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