01491: Tobie and Rocky at the (Toy) Fair.

I had a tremendously good amount of sleep this morning - and that was sort of inevitable given my work schedule for the past week. Between all my work requirements and the on-going challenges of dealing with constant din of the building construction next door, it's been a stressful time. But today changed all that, at least for now. And for that I am quite thankful.

Tobie and I finally got up past 03:00pm - quite the luxury that either of us get to indulge in given our busy, busy lives. But soon enough we made plans to head out and swing by the Christmas Toy Fair at SM Megamall and catch the Rurouni Kenshin movie. Yes, nothing quite like Transformers and samurai action to make for a fun Saturday.

And that last sentence is just there to justify using Drift as the default image for this blog post. I'm quirky that way.

While the Christmas Toy Fair isn't exactly the biggest toy event of the year, historically I've managed to find some good deals over the years. Plus any excuse to look at toys is worth the venture, yes? At the same time Tobie has quite a knack for finding random gems among the bins like cute little plushies and somewhat obscure comic books. Case in point, Tobie managed to find the first collected edition for Tom Strong along with 2 of the 3 issues of the Dune movie comic. Beyond that, he also found a plushie of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas for a mere P100 along with a Totoro-themed tissue cover.

On my end, my primary acquisitions today were the Transformers Universe edition of Inferno and the Transformers Animated versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron. As I've mentioned before, I don't typically go out of my way for Optimus Prime figures for one reason or another, but I was rather keen on adding another Megatron to my collection. Plus this version comes with battle damage decals, so that's fun.

I've been long eyeing Inferno, however I always hoped to find it at a good price since I missed my chance during the retail period. And now that I have him, I fear that I'll want to get the other redecos of this mold including Solar Storm Grapple and the more recent Asia-exclusive Hot Spot.

Beyond that, I got suckered into getting a small LEGO kit for a miniscale version of Slave I. Outside of the toy fair I also picked up a cute little Psyduck hat from Comic Alley. All in all, it was quite a fun little haul for the day indeed.

After all this, we enjoyed a dimsum-full meal at Shi Lin at the Podium, at least two servings each of Sebastian's ice cream and of course the movie. And I'll admit, it was very, very well done, even if rather fan-centric. I can understand how not all non-fans would be able to appreciate the story as much as a fan would. At the very least, the fight scenes were amazingly done. Totally, totally so.
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