0148E: More Geek Love

See that images? Those are some of the more elusive 2 inch Adventure Time figures that are rarely seen outside the US. Because a former work colleague was on the East Coast recently for business, she was nice enough to offer to bring home some stuff for me as part of her luggage. In this case, "stuff" consisted of 18 different figurines depicting the various characters of the crazy Adventure Time universe.

It's a shame that we don't have figures for Ice King and Gunther just yet.

We also got the official first season DVD for Adventure Time - a great collection that not only includes all episodes but a ton of great features including commentary for four different episodes (including Tree Trunks!!!) and a bunch of great exclusive features only with this set. So yeah, you imagine how Tobie and I are totally psyched to add these awesome items to our geeky collection here at the Sietch.

Now today after work one of the members of our lead generation group decided to treat the whole department (which is just 4 guys at this point) to a buffet lunch at the new Yakimix at Greenbelt 3. Not one to turn down a buffet meal, I totally enjoyed the meal. And it has to be noted that this was my very first time to eat there. I can't wait to go back with Tobie - I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun cooking together, hehe.

But on the way home I swung by the Toy Kingdom branch at SM Makati not expecting to find anything new. I felt this way since Tobie and I had not seen any new Transformers figures when we swung by Toys R Us over at Greenbelt 5 and the various department stores around Araneta Center in Cubao.

So my jaw kind of dropped when the new Transformers Generations figures from the Fall of Cybertron imprint were already out including the much vaunted Starscream figure that I've been really eager to get. I also picked up Sideswipe, since he's an awesome redeco of Jazz (whom I have not yet purchased) and I got Air Raid (a not so great redeco of Shockwave) - but only because apparently only two of them ship per shipment or something. I really wanted to get the new Insecticon Kickback, but he was out of stock. Yet another figure that only ships two per set - darn it!

So now I have three new Transformers - not counting the fact that the Optimus Prime, Jazz and Ultra Magnus figures from this line also remain unpurchased. I suppose it's timely enough that my 13th month pay is coming in this week - it looks like it's all going to go towards paying off my credit card bills from all this December toy craziness.

And through all this, I know that I have to be thankful for Tobie's support for my crazy passion for Transformers and other geeky things. Hooray for the baduy geeky life indeed!
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