0148B: Weekends Are Movie Times

Last night Tobie and I had caught Cloud Atlas at Greebelt 3. Earlier today we watched Rise of the Guardians at Gateway Mall. There's just something about the weekends that makes it the perfect time for watching movies. You can call me old-fashioned in that regard, I suppose.

I always find it a tad weird when people list "watching movies" as part of their hobbies. I only say this since it's so hard for me imagine that there are that many people out there who don't watch movies at one time or another. It does not matter if you watch them at theaters or in the comfort of your home - movies just seem like one of those things that you will inevitably do.

My family has always been big on movies - as evidenced by the investment that we all seem to put into home theater setups. Even the Sietch has a pretty decent sound system beyond just the TV (which is, at the very least, a modest LCD screen). Movies are just...important. They're a great medium for telling stories and I guess the creative side of my life will always embrace the joys of stories. That's what movies are all about.

I'm glad that Tobie is just as much a movie buff as I am. Our little cinema excursions are always something to look forward to despite the added expense of watching movies outside the home. Besides, good movies deserve financial support from fans including ticket prices. The undeniable principle of voting with your wallet.

So yeah, go movie industry! As long as someone has a good story to tell, then Tobie and I are probably going to do our best to drag ourselves to the cinema to catch it. And if it's really good, we'll even get a copy of the DVD or the Blu-Ray (assuming they include a lot of cool bonus content).

Feeling pretty beat up right now - the natural consequence of yesterday's Pride festivities and the fact that I was awake for more than 24 hours straight. Ironically it's not like I sleep more after such times. Instead I still sleep my normal 6-8 hours and then I'm promptly awake again. Boo my body clock.

But in the meantime, we're in the middle of another tabletop gaming session together with Urim and Mahar. Always a nice way to enjoy the weekend.

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