0149F: Happy Saturdate

It's been a nice fun Saturday with Tobie. And in the holiday tradition, we sort of gorged ourselves on Yakimix (it was Tobie's first time!) and now I feel terribly bloated. Twinning's Four Red Fruits tea to the rescue!

Today originally started with the goal of maybe finding Fall of Cybertron Grimlock to add to my collection. I'm horribly, horribly lucky that Tobie is amazingly supportive of my passion for collecting Transformers. It's not an easy hobby to live with - figuratively and literally given my never-ending storage issues and the eternal mystery of how on earth am I supposed to efficiently keep all the manuals filed away. But I digress.

And while we did not find the new Grimlock figure, I ended up finally getting the other Fall of Cybertron deluxe class figures not yet in my possession - these being Optimus Prime and Jazz. And while I'm still not a major fan of either figure, having played through the entire game has helped me appreciate them a wee bit more.

You have to respect an Autobot who faces off with Bruticus with not much more than a weird grapple ability in your back pocket.

In other news, Yoshi is probably one of the most spoiled dogs that I've had the opportunity to live with. Then again, his relatively smaller size does make it easier to do precisely that. And while I love having nice big golden retrievers, you can only get them so many things without breaking the bank. Yoshi at least is easy to please on a budget.

Case in point - he seems to be going crazy for these gummy mint treats that Tobie picked up the other day. And this is when he's not trying to give me and Tobie kisses when we least expect it. They're fun kisses, I'll concede that much, however they are rather wet too.

Yoshi is one of the best things to have happened to me and Tobie this year despite all the ups and downs. And while there's a lot of stuff from this year that I wish had never happened, I can't really say that I regret it all since all that had to happen as part of the larger chain of events that led to Yoshi being a part of our little family here at the Sietch.

And you should totally see Tobie with Yoshi - it's just adorable, believe me. Words fail to describe how it overwhelms me to see him pretty much gushing all over Yoshi. Thus it's really hard to explain that once upon a time, Tobie was once deathly afraid of dogs. Imagine that.

It's almost the end of the year. Expect more reflective moments in my blog posts such as this one, or maybe I should write a formal end-of-year post or something.
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