01499: All Together Now

Dinobots groupshot by Dan-the-artguy
Holiday time is family time, of course. And given our far-flung family, this is the first time that we've all been together under the same roof for Christmas in, well, years. So that's a special thing indeed.

But of course our Christmases are never "special" in the stereotypical sense. We don't have big family reunions here at the house nor do we always have some big fancy dinner at a restaurant or even a hotel. Instead we're pretty much happy wherever we end up at, which is typically just the family home. And of course gifts will be exchanged and the greater "burden" of gift-giving has transitioned to us "kids" instead of our parents, as is the way of things. 

But it's not quite Christmas yes, so in the meantime my brother and I are going to spend a lot of time playing Diablo III or different games on the PS3. Fun times!